Beat Those Summertime Hair Woes

Now that we’re in the thralls of the beautiful balmy Kentucky summer, we're sure you’re doing everything you know how to cool off and beat the heat. Whether that be a dip in the pool, a weekend at the lake, or maybe just soaking yourself straight up in an ice bath, it all affects your look, right? You want to look good, but you want to stay as cool as possible.  

Here’s where we can help.  Let’s talk about a few things to help get you through this summer.  

Maybe a new trendy short hair cut? With the lob still being all the rage right now, an off the shoulder 'do will help you combat this heat. Getting your hair off your neck will dramatically decrease the stickiness.  

Humidity got you down? Owner Tony Williamson suggests ColorProof’s Humidity RX spray. Without adding any weight, this humidity veil gives you the power to fight the frizz and puff that you may get from Kentucky's lovely 76% dewpoints.

If you’re cooling off in the pool, you may find yourself with that slimy-feeling chlorine buildup in your hair.  Or even worse, that blonde hair you come into the shop to maintain every 6 weeks religiously has…the dreaded green cast.  To help prevent either of these unpleasant issues, wet your hair down completely with tap water before you get into the pool. That way, it is full of the non-chlorinated water and it’s less likely to soak up the bad stuff.  Now, that may only do so much. If you’re really feeling that deep summer dive more than a little bit, you may still get that icky build up. Shampoo your hair once or twice a week with a color safe clarifier like ColorProof’s detox shampoo to remove buildup and any impurities you might have without damaging your color.

Summer in Kentucky may only last four months, but it’s enough to make you want to pull your hair out (no pun intended).  These suggestions will help guide your way into a better hair day!

HairStephanie Kemp