“At Headz Salon our stylists will help you look and feel your best!  There is no better way to enjoy life.” -Tony Williamson (Headz Salon Owner)

Headz Salon has been Louisville’s top salon for over 31 years. We owe our success to our giving staff of stylists and our loyal supporters. The welcoming atmosphere you feel at Headz is credited to our clients as much as it is to us.

Original Vision: We started Headz Salon in Louisville simply because we wanted to explore hair with our own imagination. We have been doing that, and more, for over 31 years now!

Current Vision: We are 100% committed to helping each and every person in Louisville look and feel their best. We appreciate our our clients have given to us over the years and we want to continue to bring amazing hair to Louisville for years to come!

We wish we had film of all the great memories of clients being surprised, excited, and happy to embrace their new imagine. The past 31 years at Headz Salon have been an amazing journey. From our humble beginnings to becoming Louisville’s leading hair salon we are excited for what the future brings.

We look forward to meeting you soon!


Tony Wiliamson

Owner, Headz Salon