Looking for the best place for hair color in Louisville?

Hair Color…most of us do it, but what does it do for us?  Is it our superficial selves trying to cover something up?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!! But… we ARE looking for the best place for hair color in Louisville!

Hair Color allows what we see in the mirror to match how we feel on the inside.  You know you feel younger than that gray you see.  You know you feel brighter than the mousiness you see.  You know you are bolder than what nature has blessed you with.

Hair Color empowers us.  Through added self-confidence and control, we are able to choose how we present ourselves to the world.  We shouldn’t judge books by their covers, but we never get a second chance to make a first impression.  We can decide how we show the world who we are!!!

Headz Salon is best place hair color in Louisville!

There are so many options to the the best hair color in Louisville.  Where does one start?  At Headz Salon we have been in the business of keeping Louisville ladies beautiful love over 30 years… You can absolutely trust us with your hair!

There’s all-over color, if you want to completely cover silver or change the color totally.  There are highlights (& lowlights, of course,) to brighten and add dimension.  There’s also a combination of all those options. Color services are completely customized to our individual clients.  Balayage, a French word meaning “to sweep,” allows us to hand paint soft, beautiful, sun kissed color as subtle or bold as we decide.   Semi-permanent color enriches and can change tones of natural shades, while blending (but not completely covering,) gray.  The many, many options are there for your taking!

At Headz Salon, we are so fortunate to have the opportunity to make your inner self match your outer self.  We always evaluate and consider your personality, lifestyle, and desires.  We’re honest.  What color service will best serve your needs?  What will be the most flattering?  Realistic maintenance also must be taken into consideration.  How does it fit in your budget?How much time do you want to commit?

Always pampered, never pressured, we are Headz Salon.  Let us help you realize your most beautiful self.